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Diane Trierweiler's Signature Brushes

Diane's brushes are designed with all natural hair that holds more paint and fluids. Painting Diane's style just got easier with her own line of paint brushes.


Diane T's Buffer Brush (5/8)
This is long handle brush that has camel hair bristle. The brush is tapered on all sides. This allows for softly blending edges with acrylic or oil paints. It is perfect for making soft clouds and yet the bristles will hold a chisel edge for sharper strokes. You can use the edge for tighter strokes and then blend out for that "oil" look.

#2 short cut badger fan


The finest quality china bristles with long handles for use in impressionistic paintings and much more. Two sizes of foliage brushes. Two sizes of tongue (petal) brushes.

3/4 Landscaper - $9.99 ea.
Long Handle

3/8 Landscaper - $8.99 ea.
Long Handle

#8 Long Petal - $9.99 ea.
Long Handle

#4 Long Petal  - $8.99 ea.
Long Handle

The Fingertip brush had a 1/2 feral and looks like the pad and fingernail on your hand. It is designed to make painting clouds easier. Load the pad with your darker color and the fingertip with the lighter color. Pounce a few times on your palette, and you are ready to go. You can either gently roll color on with a circular motion, or lightly stipple color on.

10/0 Striper - $6.99 ea.
10/0 long liner brush with a 20/0 tip for 
  fine line works.

1/2 Petal Brush - $10.99 ea.
  Natural and Taklon mix. 

Petal Brushes - $19.99 set
Natural and Taklon hair brushes. Extra Long cut to make pulling stroke work easier.
  • #2 Filbert Tongue
  • #4 Filbert Tongue
  • #8 Filbert Tongue

1/2" Angel Series - $24.99 set
  • 1/2" Angel Wing - Short cut Badger Fan

  • 1/2" Angel Hair - Natural and Taklon Rake deeply cut out

  • 1/2" Angel Mist - Badger stippler

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We are located at 1875 Norco Drive, Norco, California.
Our phone number is (951) 272-6918
Open Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00
Thursday morning form 9:30-12:30
I will also be open on the Saturdays when I have a class.


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